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1209, 2023

September 12th, 2023 – Brooklyn, NY

Hydr8 is officially announcing the launch of its Zer0 Waste Pantry™ solution under its new subsidiary, Elimin8™. The Zer0 Waste Pantry™ was developed to mitigate and ultimately Elimin8 non-organic waste from break-rooms, pantries and foodservice operations. It allows for a completely organic customer facing experience delivering plastic-free and high quality coffee solutions, bottle and can-free flavored beverages, non-packaged snacks, and compostable disposables cost effectively. The Zer0 Waste Pantry™ also incorporates energy efficient equipment programmed in “Eco-modes” that save and quantify energy (kwh) and emission (Co2) reductions.

“Our industry has been missing strategic innovations that deliver a true, measurable sustainability solution while also providing a top-line experience for customers at an economically viable price point,” states RJ Bianculli, VP of ESG + Innovations and partner at Hydr8. “It’s time customers had an option for a true, turnkey program that delivers all of the bells and whistles of a great client experience while also mitigating waste, energy, and emissions that can be quantified.”

The Zer0 Waste Pantry™ delivers a complete break-room solution including flavored beverages, coffee, water, ice, snacks and compostable disposables while also leveraging environmental reporting and consultation around waste diversion and municipal compliance around local laws.

“We continue to see growing demand from the marketplace requesting innovative sustainable programs that can be measured, support compliance with upcoming regulations, and provide corporations with a strong environmental story that can be told through each and every experience in the break-room,” states Ralph Marucci, CEO and Co-Founder of Hydr8.

The Zer0 Waste Pantry™ solution will be available in the Northeast region beginning on September 17th, 2023.

Available for end user Integration October 1st and service provider licensing in Q1 2024.

2807, 2023

July 28th, 2023 – Brooklyn, NY

Hydr8’s sustainable coffee division, Caffein8, has announced the incredible accomplishment of becoming the fastest growing independent Azkoyen dealership in the US for the first half of 2023. This announcement comes at the close of a record second quarter which saw a significant organic growth rate in both new units and dollars sold.

“We’ve exceeded extremely aggressive organic growth goals and continue to drive innovation around sustainability, metrics, health/wellness, and turnkey solutions that eliminate plastic waste, emissions, and energy usage while still delivering high quality, great tasting, and cost effective experiences,” states Ralph Marucci, CEO and Co-Founder of Hydr8.

Hydr8 prides itself on its unique pantry innovations and solutions, particularly those focused around health, wellness and sustainability, and earned a 70% year-over-year organic growth rate for the first half of 2023 over 2022. In Q3 of this year, the organization will be announcing an extremely innovative, turnkey sustainability solution.

“We are proud to bring authentic innovative passion, customer-centric solutions, true sustainable-thinking, and world class service that we feel is much needed within the industry,” said Ralph.

Hydr8 envisions a future where sustainability & wellness products are not an alternative, but the standard for organizations of all sizes. Our mission is to provide these solutions, coupled with a white glove service, to corporations across the northeast region.”


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