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Caffein8 S1: Bean-to-Cup

Compact Coffee Machine

The S1 Espresso is a compact coffee machine designed to provide the highest quality of espresso-based drinks into any location that consumes up to 60 cups/day.

Hydr8 Vitro S1


Easy to Refill Coffee Beans
Easy Label Changing
2 Cup Holder Positions
Optional Pay by Card or Phone
Easy Clean Drip Tray
Easy to Clean & Maintain
Weight 60.63 lbs
Dimensions 12″W x 17″D x 24″H
Water Tank Capacity 135 oz
Coffee Bean Capacity 2.6 lbs
Powdered Milk Capacity 1.3 lbs
Chocolate Capacity 1.8 lbs
Coffee Bean Hoppers 1
Soluble Product Canisters 2
Coffee Grinders 1
  • Vitro S1 Canister
  • Vitro S1 Full Machine
  • Vitro S1 Touch Screen
  • Vitro S1 Water Reserve

Specialty Drink Guide


Ensure your employees, guests, and students stay hydrated & now caffeinated too by enhancing your existing coffee service. Using Hydr8’s unique water purification technology, coffee will never taste the same again. Try Caffein8 coffee today!

  • Stay Hydrated

  • Stay Healthy
  • Save the Planet
  • Stay Caffeinated
  • Great Tasting Coffee
  • Save Money

Caffein8 Coffee

Accessories to suit your business model

Designed to suit different operational business models by offering a myriad of functioning modes and accessories.

S1 supports a cooperative culture in the office, offering high-quality coffee, a premium user experience, and comprehensive hot drinks offer.

It is also the perfect solution for a coffee service in convenience stores as well as for hotels, where breakfast needs to be good but also fast. It offers a pleasurable experience with an attractive, simple and functional design.