Hydr8 and Elimin8™ have announced their newest sustainability reporting tool for the Zer0 Waste Pantry™, Elimin8’s Sustainability Impact Reports. In today’s era of ever-evolving sustainable technology, measuring your corporation’s emission reductions has never been more important. Hydr8 is the first to market in the refreshment services industry providing metrics through Elimin8’s patent-pending Zer0 Waste Pantry™. Sustainability Impact Reporting provides metrics that highlight corporations’ reduction around various metrics including Co2e, KWH, plastic, trees, and landfill waste diverted in order to provide clients with the ability to quantify tangible impacts from integrating the Zer0 Waste Pantry™.

“As the regulatory aspect around sustainability reporting matures, it’s imperative for corporations to integrate solutions that reduce their environmental footprint in a tangible way,” states RJ Bianculli, Managing Partner at Hydr8 and Elimin8™. “These Sustainability Impact Reports go beyond legal compliance. Stakeholders are increasingly prioritizing sustainable practices and a company’s commitment to sustainability is often a decisive factor,” he adds.

The SEC Climate Disclosure Rule is likely to be announced this April, mandating a minimum of Scope 1 and Scope 2 reporting as well as a more qualitative aspect that defines publicly traded corporations’ climate risks to their business models, how it will affect their financials and how they are addressing these challenges. The State of California recently passed a similar rule that is effective in 2026 and Local Law 97 is now in effect in New York City that caps tCO2e emissions per square foot in buildings over 25,000 square feet.

 “What we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg in the sustainability movement. In the coming years, sustainability will need to be a core piece of almost every corporation’s business model and embedded within their ethos. We have developed a unique piece of this puzzle that not only addresses and quantifies sustainability, but drives health and well-being for everyone that engages in our Zer0 Waste Pantry™ experience,” states CEO and Co-Founder, Ralph Marucci.