In today’s fast-evolving world, the conventional breakroom is undergoing a transformation, aligning more closely with values of sustainability, health, and technological advancement. At Hydr8, we’re at the forefront of this revolution, introducing innovative solutions that redefine the traditional breakroom experience. From our Zer0 Waste Pantry™ to the implementation of solar-powered coffee roasting, we are dedicated to creating environments that not only provide comfort and convenience, but also foster a culture of higher sustainability and wellness standards. Join us as we explore our eight key initiatives that are setting new standards for workplace break-rooms below:

1. Zer0 Waste Pantry™ (ZWP™)

In the realm of health and wellness, sustainability is not just a trend; it represents a dedication to a future where every product and practice prioritizes the well-being of our planet. Through the Elimin8™ Zer0 Waste Pantry™, Hydr8 is leading the way in utilizing 100% compostable products in our solutions, establishing a benchmark for both businesses and consumers. The Zer0 Waste Pantry™ is the pinnacle of office pantry and breakroom services. With ZWP™, Hydr8 now provides full-service pantry and breakroom solutions. We’ve opened up our offerings to now include cutting-edge office coffee services with sustainability and wellness top-of-mind. The quarterly data we provide to ZWP™ partners help them capture and effortlessly illustrate responsible business initiatives like energy and cost savings, carbon emissions & social impact. ZWP™ is the office pantry at its peak.

2. Health & Wellness

At Hydr8, we firmly uphold the connection between sustainability, health, and wellness. Through our commitment to using PLA products, we mitigate exposure to harmful chemicals found in traditional plastics, promoting both personal and environmental well-being. Our dedication extends to our water purification systems integrated into our machines. These systems are designed to remove all harmful materials from drinking water, ensuring that every sip is clean, safe, and beneficial to health. In addition to filtering the water of the harmful substances, our purification system adds back crucial minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium with our Invigor8 Boost™ filter. By harnessing this technology, we not only prioritize sustainability but also safeguard the health of our consumers and the planet alike.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Refuse

Through our Zer0 Waste Pantry™, Hydr8 is committed to more than just recycling and reusing plastic materials. Our focus lies in completely eliminating plastic from our single-use products like snacks, cups, and disposables. We take proactive measures to ensure that all of our guest-facing pantry items are packaged without any plastic wrapping, thereby not only reducing plastic usage but also preventing its use from the outset.

4. Sustainability Impact Reports

The business landscape is constantly changing to incorporate sustainability initiatives. It becomes increasingly important to comply with these laws, like Local law 97. With ever-evolving sustainable technology, measuring your corporation’s emission reductions has never been more important. Hydr8 is the first to market in the food and beverage refreshment services industry providing metrics through the Elimin8™ patent-pending Zer0 Waste Pantry™. Sustainability Impact Reporting provides metrics that highlight corporations’ reduction around various metrics including Co2e, KWh, plastic, trees, and landfill waste diverted in order to provide clients with the ability to quantify tangible impacts from integrating the Zer0 Waste Pantry™.

5. Responsible Business Practices

At Hydr8, we not only advocate for environmental responsibility, but we also uphold our own corporate responsibility. Our commitment extends to ensuring that our products are ethically sourced across various channels, with many being minority-owned for example, our Caffein8 coffee roaster is with an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise). Beyond promoting sustainability, we actively practice it within our own operations. We prioritize waste reduction in every aspect of our business, from the warehouse to our pantry. One of the ways we achieve this is by utilizing our own products which are designed with sustainability in mind including many of our products being Tree-Free™ as well reducing deforestation.

6. Solar Power

As a company that focuses on sustainability, we are continuing to find new ways to innovate in this industry by diversifying our sustainability initiatives. One of the ways that we do this is by adding solar energy to our repertoire. Our beans, which are a product of our Caffein8 division, are roasted using 100% full solar energy. This is crucial to energy preservation, because coffee beans take an enormous amount of energy to roast. By using solar roasting methods we have mitigated a large chunk of this energy usage to a much cleaner solar alternative.

7. ZWP™ Snackbar

With the introduction of our Zer0 Waste Pantry™, we have incorporated a full snack bar for the office that meets the sustainability standards that Hydr8 has set. All of the products in this line are ethically sourced with the focus on health, wellness, and sustainability. In this line are a variety of snacks ranging from fruit and nuts, to organic brownies. Our items, if they are packaged, use sustainable methods like PLA (polylactic acid) packaging which is plant based & compostable.

8. Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability and health, staying informed and adapting to new information and technology is crucial. At Hydr8, we recognize the dynamic nature of the environment and make it our priority to provide our customers with the latest advancements in sustainability and health. We are committed to incorporating new information into our products as best and effectively as we can and we believe in transparency. Actively communicating these advancements to our clients is paramount to us, empowering them to make their own informed decisions to enhance their personal well-being and environmental stewardship.

In conclusion, Hydr8’s commitment to revolutionizing the breakroom reflects our broader mission to integrate sustainability, health, and innovation into every aspect of the workplace. By focusing on initiatives like the Zer0 Waste Pantry™, solar energy utilization, and educational outreach, we are not just changing the way people experience their breakroom; we are setting a new standard for responsible business practices in the modern world. Our journey is an ongoing one, driven by the belief that small changes can lead to significant impacts. Thank you for joining us on this transformative path. Together, we can redefine what it means to take a break, making every moment in the breakroom a step towards a healthier, more sustainable future we all want to be a part of.

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