Dirty Water Cooler with bacteria and algae

The International Bottled Water Association recommends 5-gallon hot and cold water cooler dispensing systems should be cleaned with a bleach solution after every other bottle change or every 6 weeks, whichever comes first.

This process takes approximately 45 minutes.

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Supplies Needed

  • Clean Rubber Gloves
  • Paper Towels
  • Lint-Free Towel
  • Plastic Scrub Brush (preferably with a long handle)
  • Teaspoon Measuring Spoon
  • Calibrated Container (2-gallon pail)
  • Unscented Household Liquid Bleach
  • Clean 1 Gallon Container Filled with Bottled Water

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Water Cooler Parts Identification Diagram


  • Unplug the cord.
  • Remove the bottle from the cooler. If there is still water in the bottle make sure that you cap or cover the bottle for reuse.
  • From the cold faucet drain all water from the cooler into a bucket and discard the water.

For Steps 4-12 download our official guide here:

If you have followed these steps then you now have a clean cooler and have taken an active role in preserving the quality of the equipment you use to dispense your bottled water. “Cleaning instructions are care of the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) pamphlet #05-04.”


You’re not alone! Bottled water companies don’t say anything about this cleaning protocol. If they did then no one would sign up because who has the time to go through all that trouble! 

The American Society For Microbiology, Tufts University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Health Canada, etc., ALL agree regular sanitization should take place to reduce bacteria and biofilm. 

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