Fall is just a month away, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods with the summer heat. In fact, temperatures can continue to linger in the upper 80s and 90s well into late September. In some cases, heatwaves can cause temperatures in the city to soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

While many of these intense temperature spikes are predictable, it’s crucial for your overall health to know how to beat the heat at a moment’s notice. With temperatures this high, outdoor activities and work can become unbearable. Still, being out in the heat may not be entirely avoidable for most New Yorkers, so the team at HYDR8 has put together this quick guide to keeping cool during a heatwave.

Why Heatwaves are Dangerous

A heatwave is a period of excessive heat and hot weather caused by high humidity and high atmospheric pressure. These periods can last anywhere from 24 hours to a few days and cause plenty of damage.

For example, throughout NYC, heatwaves can cause widespread power outages due to the increased usage of AC units, as well as hundreds of deaths from hyperthermia. Because of the combination of the heat from the sun and the hot air (or humidity), heatwaves are especially dangerous for young children, the elderly, and pets. In extreme cases, heatwaves have caused plastic to melt, roads and highways to buckle, and car batteries to overheat. With that being said, here are some ways the HYDR8 team suggests you stay cool during a heatwave. 

Four Ways to Keep Cool 

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

One of the best options for keeping your body cool during the summer, especially amidst a heatwave, is to drink plenty of cold, refreshing water. Staying hydrated keeps your internal organs cool and will help regulate your body temperature, preventing hyperthermia. Furthermore, your body sweats more when the temperature goes up, so it’s essential to replace fluids and electrolytes. If you’re brave enough to run in the park or around the block during a heatwave, make sure you carry plenty of water to avoid heatstroke or passing out.

  1. Soak Your Feet

Soaking your feet in cold water might feel odd, but it’s well worth it. Cooling down one part of your body will help cool down the rest of your body. The feet are a great option since it frees up your hands and allows you to continue working or doing other things while your body returns to its normal temperature. If soaking your feet isn’t an option, try using a cold, damp cloth around your neck or over your head. Having some sort of cooling source will help keep you comfortable and relaxed during a heatwave.

  1. Use a Ceiling Fan

When the AC unit breaks, you won’t want to be without a ceiling fan. While it may not push out copious amounts of cold air like your central air conditioner or window unit, it will help fan you and cool the sweat from your pores. Drying the sweat helps cool you down and returns your body’s temperature to normal. A ceiling fan will also help move and circulate the air, which cuts down on the humidity you may feel in your home or apartment. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, trying using a box fan instead. You can even use a box fan in the window and point it outdoors to help pull hot air out of your home.

  1. Unplug Heat Sources

You may not realize it, but there could be additional heat sources around your home. For example, incandescent lightbulbs emit more heat than light and can reach a surface temperature of 250 degrees. If you have multiple lights and lamps on throughout your home, it could be contributing to the heatwave in your home. Some electronics can even add to the heat problem, even if you’re not using them. We suggest you try to keep lights off during the day and plug electronics into power strips to easily cut power to them when they’re not in use. Doing so will help you keep cool during a heatwave.

Stay Hydrated NYC!

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a sure way to keep cool and take care of your body. Our bodies are more than 60% water, and we can lose a substantial amount of fluids, especially on a hot summer day. If you need a sure way to keep cool during the next heatwave, give HYDR8 a call. We proudly provide bottleless water coolers and water foot pedals to residents throughout the tri-state area. Contact us at (718) 313-0113 today!

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/spP5WTH7U8Q