As the entire world faces an unprecedented public health emergency, more people are taking the cleanliness of the products they use more seriously, including their drinking water.

The reality is that clean drinking water is more important now than ever.

What Does the Coronavirus Mean for Your Drinking Water?

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus that causes mild to severe respiratory illness and even death. The virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

Water (and ironically toilet paper) is a rare commodity today. Many stores are limiting the number of gallons or bottles one can purchase. The refill jug stations at local grocers are shut down due to the risk of contamination of the nozzles, bottles, and other dispensing surfaces.

The fear of COVID-19 spreading is not to be taken lightly, and HYDR8 can help every home and office prevent the spread through their drinking water sources.

Our bottleless water coolers are coated with an anti-microbial surface, known as Clean Contact that does not allow cross-contamination of bacteria, germs, and viruses. The In-Tank Sanitization feature prevents bacteria growth inside our machines and the Multi-Stage Purification Process allows for the best drinking water possible. With the combination of these unique features, you can rest assured knowing that your water is germ-free.

How can I keep my drinking water safe from the COVID-19 virus?

Rather than introducing bacteria and viruses from jugs, our Closed System units use a sealed, closed-tank system to keep your water sanitary and virus-free. This ensures air will not touch the water until dispensed, which is the smartest way to combat germs in the workplace.

How is my bottleless water system safer than bottled water?

Traditional bottled water coolers utilize an open system, allowing bacteria to enter the water while sitting stagnant in the holding tank. Once manufactured, these bottles are filled with treated water at a bottling facility where there are multiple chances for germs and environmental contaminants to enter. The bottled water cooler itself is an open well with no barriers to air or water-borne bacteria.

Rather than introducing bacteria from every jug to an open reservoir, HYDR8’s stainless-steel storage tanks are sealed and completely sanitary.

There is no higher priority to HYDR8 than the safety of our customers and employees while standing firm in our commitment to provide the cleanest drinking water available.

What we unknowingly pass around from employee to employee is top of mind today and HYDR8 represents a product line of drinking water and ice machines that will undoubtedly reduce cross-contamination points.

Our approach to protecting this public conversation is never static. That’s particularly relevant in light of the recent pandemic. The fear of germs and viruses spreading is legitimate in today’s world, but it is a task HYDR8 can help mitigate. As you institute preventative measures and safeguards for your team members, this type of technology should be part of that plan. Call us today to find the best system for you and set-up your free trial: (718) 313-0113

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