HYDR8 is proud to serve different organizations throughout the Tri-State area. As a trusted water provider, we work hard to ensure everyone has access to pure, clean hydration. Our water cooler systems are designed to make every drop count.

Hydr8 FloWater and 3i bottleless water coolers


Hydrated workers are productive workers

If you’re looking for a way to boost morale and keep your employees hydrated, try a HYDR8 bottleless water station. With a free consultation, quote, and 8-day trial, you can explore the amazing purified water solutions we offer your business. We work with everyone from local mom-and-pops to large Fortune 500 companies.

A HYDR8 representative will consult, install, and maintain your water cooler system – making it ultimately hassle free. Your flat monthly fee includes everything, and we do all the work, including the filter changes. Say good-bye to ordering, storing, and installing those heavy 5-gallon jugs.


Better water, better learning

We understand water fuels the brain and improves focus by elevating oxygen levels and blood flow. We also know that sugary and carbonated beverages are often the study-fuel of choice, which is why we’re working hard with educational institutes around the area to provide students with a pure and healthier hydration option.

We rely on water for the most basic functions of life, and a nation’s entire well-being can rely on their ability to obtain clean and pure water. Now is the time to act and invest in our youth’s education, and it starts with healthy drinking habits. If your school could benefit from a HYDR8 water cooler system, then we’d love to hear from you!


Keep your hard-working employees healthy

A warehouse can be a challenging work environment – oftentimes hot, dusty, and physical in nature.  Keeping these core employees hydrated is of prime importance to workplace satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our rugged design with dent-resistant surfaces makes a Hydr8 cooler a perfect fit for even the busiest of warehouse operations.


Hydrate all your champions

Members of health and fitness centers are generally more focused on caring for themselves and their bodies, which includes proper hydration. So why not offer them the best water on the market with a HYDR8 bottleless water cooler? Everyone can be champion with the right water source.

We work with yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, and other wellness facilities, providing them with sustainable and purified water sources. Moreover, our bottleless technology is more convenient for busy gym owners, and the water itself has more benefits than tap water or bottled water. With our advanced BOOST filter, your drinking water will contain essential minerals and electrolytes, boosting your focus and fueling you through the last rep.


Pure water is our first defense

A medical practice is perhaps the most important facility to have a sterilized patient/staff environment. Water should be there to help you do your job, not be an additional task to worry about!

Our fully sealed, self-sanitizing systems will ensure you are getting only the freshest, cleanest water without any of the germs. Through our patented oxygen-injection, you and your patients will have access fresh, oxygenated water in every pour! You have a passion for health, and so do we. Ask how you can drink from one of our water system free for 8-days and experience the HYDR8 difference for yourself!


A game-changing amenity

Whether in the hotel’s lobby, gyms, conference rooms, or a luxury suite – adding an endless supply of great-tasting purified water makes a real difference to the satisfaction of hotel guests. Over 50% stated they would be more likely to leave a positive review when sanitary ice & water were available, on-demand.