The demands of the modern workplace have evolved significantly, especially in light of the 2020 global pandemic. Stress levels have soared, and employers are seeking ways to mitigate stress and maintain productivity. According to Eastern Kentucky University’s Occupational Safety program, workplace stress costs companies nearly $300 billion annually in missed workdays and healthcare expenses. More than 40% of workers report their jobs as very or extremely stressful. At Hydr8, we recognize the importance of promoting workplace wellness. Here are three strategies to help keep your employees healthy and stress-free.

1. Spark Afternoon Hydration Breaks

Proper hydration is crucial for overall health and wellness. Encourage employees to take regular hydration breaks throughout the day. Promote these breaks as an opportunity to refresh and re-energize, leading to increased productivity and reduced stress. Everyone has a reusable water bottle these days. It might even be a good idea to provide a bottle for them too with your company brand on them. There are very affordable options for branding your own reusable water bottles. Hydr8 can refer you to a local vendor too.

2. Encourage Walks in the Sun with a To-Go Snack

Short breaks during the workday are vital for maintaining focus and reducing stress. Encourage your employees to take brief walks, stand in the sun for a few minutes, or grab a healthy snack. Hydr8’s Zer0 Waste Pantry™ offers a variety of organic, plant-based snacks in compostable packaging that turns back into soil when composted. By promoting these short, mindful breaks, you help your team stay energized and engaged throughout the day.

3. Help Your Team Prepare

A lack of preparedness is a significant stressor. Encourage teamwork and offer support to help team members prepare for tasks and presentations. Foster a supportive environment where employees help each other and receive guidance from leadership. This approach enhances communication, reduces stress, and ensures everyone is ready to tackle their responsibilities effectively.

Promote Wellness with Hydr8

At Hydr8, we understand that workplace wellness is multifaceted. Our Zer0 Waste Pantry™ provides organic snacks in compostable packaging to support healthy breaks, while our bottleless, hands-free water coolers ensure optimal hydration with advanced filtration and self-sanitizing technology. Explore our comprehensive wellness solutions online or call us at (718) 313-0113 to enhance your workplace health initiatives.