There’s no doubt that the nature and demands of the workplace have evolved in recent years. Today’s workers are under a lot of stress, but when you throw the 2020 global pandemic into the mix, workplace stress is going through the roof while workplace wellness is going out the window. In many cases, employers are not only looking for ways to encourage their teams to come back to the office, but they are also looking for ways to ensure that the increase in stress doesn’t cost the company money in the long run.

According to an Eastern Kentucky University’s Occupational Safety program, normal years and circumstances have cost companies nearly $300 billion annually for missed workdays and healthcare resulting from workplace stress. Furthermore, more than 40% of workers polled at the time reported their jobs to be very or extremely stressful. That’s why your friends at HYDR8 are here to remind you that the promotion of workplace wellness is essential, now more than ever. While we’d love to say that our bottleless water coolers are your only solution, there are several other ways to help keep your employees’ stress level down, especially as we continue to navigate a world with COVID-19.

  1. Encourage Rest

Getting a good night’s rest is vital to overall health and daytime function, but that’s not the kind of rest we’re talking about. Many forward-thinking companies have realized their employees need to catch a few minutes of shuteye in the middle of the day. Rather than shying away from this realization, these companies have implemented nap rooms, allowing employees to take a power nap. Not only have these companies seen a boost in productivity at work, but they have also found that their employees are happier and healthier.

  1. Encourage Regular Exercise

Physical health starts with being active, so if you’re looking to promote workplace wellness, you can start here. MakeMe is a popular app that companies are using to initiate outdoor group activities and fitness at work. This app even keeps track of steps, vitamins taken by each participant, and provides mindfulness exercises to motivate employees to get moving. Furthermore, some companies are now seeing the benefit of reimbursing gym memberships or providing a private gym for their employees to relieve stress without leaving the office.

  1. Introduce an Office Show

Connection and professional relationships with coworkers are also a crucial part of workplace wellness. Sparking conversations and friendships can be difficult for some, so some employers are now encouraging their teams to watch a show that everyone can discuss at work. This comradery exercise not only gives your employees something fun to talk about, but it also gives them something to look forward to outside of the office. When people feel more connected at work, they tend to be happier.

  1. Spark Afternoon Hydration Breaks

Proper hydration and nutrition are essential when it comes to workplace wellness. It’s often tempting to fill up on those quick go-to snack cakes and sugary drinks. However, these can lead to overall health issues that negatively affect your business. Instead, focus on promoting afternoon hydration refills from a bottleless water cooler and grabbing healthier snacks with lower calorie counts. These initiatives are a great way to get people up and away from their desks for 10-15 minutes in the afternoon, leaving them feeling boosted and refreshed for the rest of the afternoon.

  1. Help Your Team Prepare

Lack of preparedness is one of the leading causes of stress in the workplace. When your team doesn’t feel prepared, it can lead to breakdowns in communication or mental stability. Pile COVID-19 stress onto everything adults are juggling outside the office, and you’re likely going to run into a tense coworker. To help alleviate this stress and promote workplace wellness, encourage your team members to help each other. You can also step in as the leader and help your struggling team member prepare for that big presentation. In addition, encourage your team to be mindful and envision what might happen so that they are ready for nearly every work scenario.

We Encourage Workplace Wellness with Water

When you’re looking for the right hydration station for your team, give HYDR8 a call. Not only are our machines bottleless, but they are also now hands-free! Anti-microbial surfaces and self-sanitizing hold tanks ensure that you can keep your employees hydrated and healthy as they return to work. Check out all of our water coolers online, and then contact us at (713) 313-0113.

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