There are four main principles that can encourage our kids to drink more water from a Hydr8 bottleless water cooler:

1. Easy and accessible use!

Kids who would have to “strain” to get themselves a glass of water, would simply fail to do so. For example, water pitchers stored in the refrigerator can be one of these obstacles. We can definitely skip the whole issue of water coolers with jugs that have to be replaced all the time! These are heavy and cumbersome things for children to overcome, and make drinking for them a real task. Therefore, the best solution is to create a comfortable and accessible water drinking station at home, that will make getting a cup of delicious water effortless for children!

2. The right temperature.

Unlike adults who can drink very cold or relatively hot water, children are very sensitive to water temperature and it needs to be controlled for them. Cold water can also make their teeth feel uncomfortable, while many of them just don’t like the taste of warm or hot water. For this reason, it is recommended to find out with your kids how they like to drink their water and set the temperature of the drinking water according to their preferences.

3. Taste and clearness.

Kids want to drink clear and delicious water, and honestly so do all of us. Make sure that the water you serve your kids has a good taste, smell, and a clear fresh look. You can also add, depending on their taste, healthy flavoring supplements such as mint, orange, melon, or an apple!

4. Feeling of independence.

Kids like to feel independent and feel responsible for their choices and actions. In fact, this is an educational and meaningful approach. First, speak to your kids about the importance of drinking water and their responsibility in this everyday activity. This will help instill other healthy habits as well! Second, you should try to provide them with easy access to drinking water, this will motivate them in drinking discipline. And last but not least, lead by example! Kids learn their social and survival skills first and foremost by observation and imitation. When they see you practicing healthy hydration, they will follow suit!

Pure Water for Your Home

Investing in a home water filtration system provides great-tasting water for your family. With easy dispense mechanisms, even your little ones will want to drink more water. At Hydr8, we’re dedicated to ensuring purified drinking water is accessible to everyone in New York. Try any of our bottleless water coolers free for 8 days. Contact us for more information.

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