HYDR8 takes sanitation seriously, which is why we’re committed to providing you with the cleanest, purest drinking water on the market. In addition to our self-sanitizing tanks and multi-stage filtration, we’re now providing touch-free bottleless water coolers. With the installation of our unique and stylish foot pedal or sensor, your office or home can continue to enjoy access to purified drinking water without using your hands. You can never go too far with sanitation!

PSD Sensor dispense


Our unique and stylish dual foot pedal is designed with everyone in mind. It’s easy to use and non-intrusive, keeping your cooler sanitary from the inside out. Designed explicitly for HYDR8 water coolers, the dual pedal operation allows your team access to clean and pure water in both hot and cold temperatures. With a low profile and a brightly displayed foot foot pedals, your team can easily dispense their favorite beverage with a tap of the foot. The dual pedal is also designed and finished to match your HYDR8 water cooler so that you can stay true to your stylish office décor. Hydrated employees mean healthy employees. Enjoy touch-free access and stop cross-contamination in its tracks.

Dual pedal dispenser on office water cooler
Triple Pedal Dispense


Looking for a way to make sure your Bottleless Water and Ice Cooler is completely hands-free? Try our new triple pedal! It allows users to choose between all the options of your existing Bottleless Water Coolers. This pedal easy to use and non-intrusive, keeping your cooler sanitary from the inside out.

PSD Sensor dispense


Are you looking for a discrete yet high-tech dispensing option for your HYDR8 bottleless water cooler? Then ask us about the PSD sensor bar. This advanced sensor technology ensures water is only dispensed when you want it. With just a wave of the hand, your HYDR8 water cooler will dispense your water and then stop once you move your hand away. Quickly change between hot, cold, and ice options by hovering over each option to change the dispensing operation. This sensory bar sits atop each of our water coolers and provides your office with a safe, clean way of dispensing water.


Ensure your employees, guests, and students stay healthy and hydrated by transforming your existing tap water into the world’s best-tasting, most purified water. Ditch the plastic bottles, and get on-demand water today.

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Large Volume
Touchless Purification


Advanced Touchless

IceM8 Bottleless refill station

Touchless Hot, Cold,
and Chewable Ice

Carbon8 bottleless refill station

Dispenses Sparkling,
Cold, and Hot Water