You often will see them on contractor websites – the beautiful difference after days or weeks of tireless labor, material, and tons of money spent – your brand new room or house. Perhaps on a salon website you’ll see the initial bedhead or overgrowing hair be transformed to a person ready to grace the stage. Yet, you might not have ever expected to see a before and after of water coolers.  Not unless you visit Hydr8’s website, where you’ll find an NYC water filtration company dedicated to helping your office get great quality H20 with a clean and sleek state-of-the-art system that can eliminate all those water jugs you may have lying around the office.

So why are we not talking right now?

Our team at Hydr8 is committed to providing your with clean and healthy alternative to bottled water. We keep your employees hydrated without spreading germs or bacteria. Try one of our cooler systems for free for 8 days! To get started, contact a Hydr8 representative today.

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