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Providing your home or office with cold, refreshing drinking water is always at the forefront of our minds here at HYDR8. We have several units that provide a quick refreshment at the press of a pedal or the push of a button. But what do you do for those who want hydration with a little pizzazz? Introduce them to the Lavit Flavored Sparkling bottleless water cooler. This compact water cooler unit will change your water game and has something for everyone.

Product Features

The Lavit Flavored Sparkling water cooler is a revolutionary machine that provides chilled still and sparkling water at the push of a button. Like all of our other bottleless water coolers, this unit ties in directly to your municipal water source and is designed to sit perfectly on your countertop for easy access.

So, where does all the flavor come from, you ask?

It comes from the 25 different flavor capsules that Lavit provides with each of their machines. These capsules come in various flavors, including popular seltzers and teas from AriZona. All you have to do is insert the EcoCap, choose your water type, and press start. It’s that easy to get a refreshing, flavored water beverage without buying from the vending machine or leaving the office. With each little capsule, you can rest assured that there is no cross-contamination between fill-ups or at the point of contact since this unit has anti-microbial surfaces and waterways.

Capsule Details

Homes and offices that choose to go with a Lavit Flavored Sparkling bottleless water cooler not only enjoy endless options for beverages, but they also enjoy the eco-friendliness of each little capsule. Choose from any of the AriZona teas or from Lavit’s very own nutrient-rich blend capsules called SUPER NATURALS. These all-natural flavor capsules are the best for seltzer beverages and help you avoid all the sugar commonly found in store-bought brands. Lastly, these individual flavor hubs are made from 100% recycled aluminum and 1/7 less material than a pop can. Each EcoCap creates a 12-ounce beverage, but you can adjust the amount of water right on your new Lavit machine’s touchscreen.

Filtration & Sanitation

One of the most remarkable features of the Lavit is that this machine self-sanitizes every night around 3:00 a.m. using an ozonation process. This leaves the holding tank clean and free of stagnant water, which can lead to waterborne bacteria and illnesses. Additionally, this unit uses the Lavit ECO3 filter, which uses a carbon block and sediment membrane to filter out harmful particles from your tap water before it’s funneled to the tank and dispensed in your glass. This unit goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone in the office or at home can continue to enjoy still or sparkling water that’s clean and full of their favorite flavors.

Getting Set Up

No set-up is required from you. When you rent your water cooler from HYDR8, our expert technicians come to you and install the unit for free – it’s all part of the package. You can even order Lavit EcoCaps through your representative. The only thing you need to do is sit back and enjoy the pure, refreshing beverages that your Lavit Flavored Sparkling bottleless water cooler will provide!

Start Your Free 8-Day Trial 

All of HYDR8’s water coolers are eligible for our free 8-day trial period. We’re so convinced you’ll love your new Lavit Flavored Sparkling water cooler that you won’t want to give it back. But if you do, we also have a variety of other bottleless water coolers that are sure to suit your home or office needs. To start your free trial, give us a call at (718) 313-0113.