Do you realize that besides the deterioration of the plastics that can seep into your water over time from plastic bottles, there are other reasons why changing the way you drink you water can be beneficial to you and the world?  That’s because all those millions of plastic bottles made every year can impact the environment by putting more toxins and harmful waste into the world, as well as use up other resources during the production process.  What if we told you Hydr8 could get you fresh and healthy drinking water right on tap and you’d be helping the environment in the process?

Sounds like a win-win to me.

I think it’s time to think before we drink.

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With a bottleless water cooler from Hydr8, you’re guaranteeing your office has access to purified hot and cold drinking water at the push of a button. We’re dedicated to ensuring all of our businesses and residents have pure drinking water that we’re willing to give your coolers to you to try free for 8 days. To get started, contact our office.

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