As New Yorkers we tend to take for granted everything great about our city. We are a breadbasket of vibrant people, businesses, food choices, and entertainment. Yet, one thing that stands out the most about New York City is something every resident uses daily and multiple times a day: NYC tap water.

NYC tap water is unique & can’t be found anywhere else. We use it for cooking, drinking, and just about everything else in between without even considering where it comes from. Yet, we’re still left with the question: how clean is NYC tap water?

Where is NYC Tap Water Sourced?

Most people in the city don’t know that their tap water is sourced upstate in the Catskill Delaware & Croton watersheds 125 miles away. These two watersheds provide about 90% of the city’s water supply. Our water system taps into more than a dozen reservoirs and lakes around these areas. The Pepacton Reservoir in Delaware County is the largest, holding more than 140 billion gallons of water. The second-largest is the Ashokan Reservoir in Ulster County, which contains more than 125 billion gallons.

Thanks to the tireless efforts by a police force, illegal dumping is strictly enforced, which helps protect the conduits that bring the water to the city. Water from these large lakes and reservoirs is brought to New York City through the New Croton, Delaware, and Catskill Aqueducts and is then housed in the Kensico and Hillview reservoir in Westchester County. From there, our tap water flows into the five boroughs through Water Tunnels 1 and 2.

How Clean is the Tap Water?

New York City tap water has famously earned the title of being the “champagne of water”. However, questions about its cleanliness still linger. NYC is one of five major U.S. cities that doesn’t require a water filtration system for the tap water. It also undergoes more than 600,000 tests per year and is tested for more than 250 variables and pollutants.

Even with all of these tests being done though chemicals are still added to the water to disinfect it for the distribution stage. NYC’s water is treated with the following: chlorine, orthophosphate & UV-light. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) also adds food-grade phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, and fluoride before sending it into distribution as well.

It is important to note that New York City has very old infrastructure too. While the water may be “potable” before the distribution stage, if the pipes that distribute the water to your facilities leach lead, for example, it will just end up in your drinking water regardless and add to the TDS levels.

Furthermore, microplastics are proving to be an increasingly problematic issue as well. It is estimated that plastic is being ingested by all of us at the rate of one credit card a week!

A new study finds we are eating 260 grams of plastic every year, the equivalent weight of 52 credit cards.

So, this begs the question once more; What really is in this water? For an in-depth look download New York’s 2020 Water Supply Report Here.

For a system that moves over a billion gallons of water every day, some regulation must be in place, right? If you said yes, you’d be correct. In 2018, the city put more than $1 billion towards an initiative to make the drinking water as safe and clean as possible. Part of the budget (some $200 million) went to the treatment and protection of our water source from farm pollution and septic system waste.

For those of you that just aren’t sure about the cleanliness of your tap water, Hydr8 has you covered of course.

Water Filtration & Purification Made Easy

When it comes to your drinking water, you shouldn’t be questioning its cleanliness and where it comes from. That’s why many people turn to in-home or in-office filtration and purification systems. These systems are our specialty. We are proud to share knowledge of our systems with NYC and our neighbors.

Our purification technology filters out sediments, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses & gives the water an oxygen boost for a better-tasting solution than what you might get from the tap.

What makes our systems so unique is that they don’t use those big 5-gallon jugs, but rather hook up directly to your primary water source for an unlimited supply. That’s right! We use the very same tap water that’s flowing to your home 125 miles away and make it better with our water refill-stations. Furthermore, the only time you have to see us in your home or office is when we activate the refill-station for you and come back for yearly filter changes.

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