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Purification (what we offer at HYDR8) and filtration – what people are more familiar with, are very two different things. Not only do we use 3 commercial sized filters, we use our patented activated oxygen to purify the water of even microbiological contaminants.

There are so many benefits of using our water filtration compared to other options. First and foremost, the reason to switch should be the superior water quality. Additional benefits can include cost savings, a host of conveniences, as well as an all inclusive service that provides you an overall superior water drinking experience – each and every day.

The short answer is every 1500 gallons. Based on water quality some filters may need more attention than others however all of our models have systems that detect when you need a replacement so there is never any guessing as to when you need a new filter. No matter your situation, we provide complimentary replacement service within 24 hours. It’s that simple!
Both! Many of our systems are specifically made for high-usage at businesses and offices, however we have models for home use. Let us help you find the perfect solution for either your home or business use.
Since we are an all inclusive service, we gauge our pricing based on the company size so that we can determine how much service we would need to provide you.  Simply put, the needs of a small ten person company are different from that of an office of a few hundred people.  We work with businesses big and small, providing them with the package that meets their specific needs.
One thing we can tell you with great certainty, not all water is equal, and not all water filtration systems are the same. Some unfortunately are no more than glorified tap water. Not at HYDR8! We are happy to educate you and analyze what your current system provides vs what we can offer you.

To activate a unit is seamless.  Our technicians are certified to provide a unit anywhere you would like.  We use a 1/4″ pvc or copper pipe (depending on building preference) and connect it cosmetically to the nearest cold water source.  From there you will have unlimited water, hot and cold, filtrated and purified.

We do!  For all of our commercial water filtration systems, we personally go to replace the filter, check the system, perform a diagnostic, and ensure they are running just like they were on day 1.


Our Bottleless Water Cooler Options





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Hydr8 Icem8 Water Cooler




Our goal is to earn the right to become your trusted water, ice & amenities vendor, which is why we let everyone try our machines FREE for 8-business-days to start!

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bottleless water coolers


Our goal is to earn the right to become your trusted water, ice & amenities vendor, which is why we let everyone try our machines FREE for 8-business-days to start!

No Credit Card Required


I will never go back to the big water jugs again after trying this system. Unlimited purified water with out any of the inconveniences that go along with the the old way. Certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s better for the environment (and my wallet) !


Gents, that’s some damn good water. Thanks again for the smooth install, and we’re all very happy to be a part of the HYDR8 fam!

Jason H., Wilson Daniels

Since switching from Poland Springs to HYDR8, our staff and patients have made several comments to us about how clean, light, and refreshing this water is. One person even said that it was the cleanest water they’d ever tried and I personally agree. Ralph and Eric are true professionals with a great product to match. I would recommend them to any institution, especially any that are trying to be more health conscious.

Dr. Feldman, Andrew Feldman MD

Thank you both so much for getting the machine delivered and set up – the guys who installed the machine were wonderful, professional, and very helpful. Once again thank you for accommodating this appointment although I forgot to inform you in advance.

Shirin B.

We needed a new water machine in our firehouse and numerous people kept telling us Hydr8 was the best around. With a firehouse filled with 12 guys a shift for 24 hours a day and our constant need to hydrate we got a machine and it truly surpasses our expectations. #FDNY #Engine 282 Ladder 148 #it ain’t easy Thanks for the great water.

Richie C., New York Fire Department

Alan! All is great. I want to go ahead and keep the machine it’s great. I want to thank you again for revisiting us and helping me make this happen. It has sincerely increased the positivity with clients and employees everyone loves and appreciates it. People literally thanked me. There’s no way I can send it back now and disturb that peace. Lol

Joseph P., Hairstyling by Joseph Salon

Got the new machine installed really fast, service was great had a little issue with the filters called for a service call they were servicing the machine no more than a hour later got a full Maintenance running smooth thank you guys for the fast turn around.

Juan M.

Eric is a pleasure to work with. He went out of his way to service us and make sure we always had clean water.

Origins NYC

I want to say thank you so much for the beautiful installation this Friday. I’m very happy with the mats and the drains have made such a difference!!!


Nancy S., New York French American Charter School

Thank you very much for reaching out and being proactive. We really appreciate it. Eric has been terrific to us and was always quick to respond. Looking bright for our continuous relationship with Hydr8.

Andreas M., Union Club of the City of New York

Ralph & Eric are truly the best team! They set up a water system in our office with ease and perfection. They truly know what they are talking about and dealing… with. We thank you every time we pour a glass of water for the simple fact that we now know what we are drinking and we don’t have to worry about changing the plastic jugs every time they are empty ever again!

Natalie A.

Just wanted to say I’ve had about 30 people say this is the best H2O they’ve ever had. Appreciate you guys.

Colin A., Gilbane

Outstanding group of guys. Reliable and very professional technicians. I would recommend this company and their products to anyone interested in purified water coolers. Hydr8 is GREAT…


Fast response time, excellent customer service, look forward to having them for a long time!

Kenny G., Concentric Health Experience

Iced cold (or hot) water at your fingertips all with the ease of a push of the button! No clumsy, bacteria laced bottles ever again! The refreshingly clean taste is the future of water!


Eric, I just wanted to tell you how awesome Marek was he is extremely hard working and efficient plus he is super nice. It was a HUGE job and he did it with such ease. Thank you. We are very excited to try and LOVE this product. Have an awesome day.

Leora S., D. Giacomo Vilella, P.C