Why should I switch from bottles / a water jug / or simply just drinking tap water from the faucet?

There are so many benefits of using our water filtration and purification systems compared to other options. First and foremost, the reason to switch should be the superior water quality. Additional benefits can include cost savings, a host of conveniences, as well as an all-inclusive service that provides you an overall superior water drinking experience – each and every day.

What is the difference between filtration and purification?

Purification (what we offer at HYDR8) and filtration – what people are more familiar with are very two different things. Not only do we use 3 commercial-sized filters, but we also use our patented activated oxygen to purify the water of even microbiological contaminants.

I have a water filtration system. Is yours any different?

One thing we can tell you with great certainty, not all water is equal, and not all water filtration systems are the same. Some unfortunately are no more than glorified tap water. Not at HYDR8! We are happy to educate you and analyze what your current system provides vs what we can offer you.

What does it take to install a bottleless water cooler?

To activate a bottleless water cooler or refill station is seamless. Our technicians are certified to provide a water purification system anywhere you would like. We use a 1/4″ PVC or copper pipe (depending on building preference) and connect it cosmetically to the nearest cold water source. From there you will have unlimited water, hot and cold, filtrated and purified.

Are you water coolers just for business or can they be used at home?

Both! Many of our systems are specifically made for high usage at businesses and offices, however, we have models for home use. Let us help you find the perfect solution for either your home or business use.

Who changes the bottleless water cooler or refill station water filters?

We do! For all of our commercial water filtration systems, we personally go to replace the filter, check the system, perform a diagnostic, and ensure they are running just like they were on day 1.

How often do you replace the bottleless water cooler or refill station filters?

The short answer is every 1500 gallons. Based on water quality some filters may need more attention than others however all of our models have systems that detect when you need a replacement so there is never any guessing as to when you need a new filter. No matter your situation, we provide complimentary replacement service within 24 hours. It’s that simple!

What is the cost of your bottleless water cooler service?

Since we are an all-inclusive service, we gauge our pricing based on the company size so that we can determine how much service we would need to provide you. Simply put, the needs of a small ten-person company are different from that of an office of a few hundred people. We work with businesses big and small, providing them with the package that meets their specific needs.

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Ensure your employees, guests, and students stay healthy and hydrated by transforming your existing tap water into the world’s best-tasting, most purified water. Ditch the plastic bottles, and get on-demand water today.

  • Stay Hydrated

  • Stay Healthy
  • Save the Planet
  • Hassle-Free
  • Great Tasting Water
  • Save Money


FloWater Refill Station

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Touchless Purification

4i bottleless refill station

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IceM8 Bottleless refill station

Touchless Hot, Cold,
and Chewable Ice


Dispenses Sparkling,
Cold, and Hot Water

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Boost employee health and engagement by offering the coldest, cleanest drinking water with a HYDR8 Bottleless Water Cooler. Water cooler conversations will never be the same.


Get a 2-5x increase in student water consumption and an 83% reduction in consumption of sugary beverages with a HYDR8 Refill Station.


Keep your hard-working employees hydrated and healthy with a Bottleless Water Cooler in your warehouse. Our rugged design with dent-resistant surfaces makes a Hydr8 cooler a perfect fit for even the busiest of warehouse operations.


Keep your members hydrated and happy by adding a Bottleless Water Cooler as a membership perk to your gym. Clean, cold water available on-demand is what your thirsty gym members want.


Hygiene is extremely important in settings such as hospitals, where germs can be spread quickly and easily. When it comes to water purity, a Touchless Hydration Station from HYDR8 is the only way to go.


A game changer amenity – over 50% of guests stated they would be more likely to leave a positive review when sanitary ice & water were available, on-demand.