Staying hydrated all year long is important, especially in the winter. During these colder months, the air lacks moisture, leading to cracked knuckles and chapped lips. Here are are several other reasons Hydr8 encourages people to drink water during the winter.

Why Drink More During the Winter

1. Regulating Body Temperature

When outside temperatures drop, the body begins to regulate its internal heat. In order to overcome the cold outside, our body activates a kind of internal heating mechanism. For this purpose the body makes use of the resources it has accumulated, or in other words – using energy. In order to produce additional energy that will allow proper functioning — and in particular — to prevent dehydration, be sure to drink enough water.

2. Air Conditioners and Heaters

During winter, we spend most of the day in a heated space. Whether it’s a car air conditioner, a home heater, or an office air conditioning system, all of these heating devices dry the air and make us sweat even without us noticing. After we enter a heated room, we often forget to turn down the temperature and we get used to the same temperature that in the summer would bother us. As a result, we sweat more, and dries up because of dry air. The symptoms in many cases are headaches and a feeling of heaviness and fatigue.

3. Winter Diseases Dehydrate the Body

Who of us is not sick at least once in the winter? From a mild cold, through an allergy to a real flu, all winter illnesses dehydrate the body. In almost all cases, these diseases affect the respiratory regions of the body and cause increased production of phlegm and mucus. The result is often dehydration, even if partial. So when you are sick it’s very important to drink even more water than usual.

4. The Cold Outside Blurs the Feeling of Thirst

Most people tend to drink less in the winter simply because low temperatures “cheat” the feeling of thirst. In the summer it is very hot outside and we sweat a lot, and accordingly, the body knows how to create a strong thirsty feeling. In the winter, on the other hand, when we work out and the outside temperature is low, the body will not immediately “update” us. Therefore, in the winter, we should rely less on thirst, and create structured drinking habits.

5. We Eat More in the Winter

Anyone who tries to maintain their body weight knows that there is nothing to do but eat more during the winter! Cold weather and rain make us want to warm up, and attractive food takes over, so we can’t do much. Therefore, drinking heavily will help the body in two ways: first the fluids will help digestion and metabolism. Second, having plenty of water will help the body regulate winter hunger and prevent us from consuming excessive food. A glass of water before each meal will give a second life to your diet.

Ditch the Plastic

Going bottleless in your office and home means you can keep your friends and family hydrated all year long. Ditching the plastic also means no more heavy lifting, stagnant water, or spreading germs around the office or your home. Hydr8 has a bottleless water cooler for everyone, and we know you’ll love the great tasting, refreshing, and pure water that comes with just the push of a button. To find the right system, contact us and we’ll let you try one free for 8 days.

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